Why Hire A Motorhome?

Motorhomes are a great way to go on holiday – combining the freedom of camping with the home comforts of a caravan. They are surprisingly easy to drive and can be very luxurious.

The downside is that they are not cheap to buy – especially if you will only use them once or twice a year.

This is why motorhome hire works so well – you get all the benefits of your own motorhome, without any of the responsibility. You don’t have to find a place to park it when you are not using it, you don’t have to pay for its maintenance and you don’t have to insure it!

It’s true that motorhome hire is still expensive when compared to car hire and van rental, but it does offer a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to owning a new motorhome, especially if you only want to take a motorhome holiday once a year.


Coachbuilt or C-Class Motorhome
In addition, renting a motorhome allows you to try out different types of motorhome to see which suits you best. Do you want the compact convenience of a hightop van, or do you really appreciate the space and comfort of a larger coachbuilt?

Want to take some friends’ children or your grandchildren away? Just hire a bigger motorhome than usual.

Aren’t They Complex and Difficult To Drive?

Hiring a motorhome can be intimidating – many people worry that they will have problems working out how to use everything, or that they might be difficult to drive.

The reality is that neither of these usually causes a problem – all reputable motorhome hire companies will show you how everything works before you set off and an averagely experienced driver should have no problems driving most motorhomes. All that is needed is a little extra care.

Still Unsure?

If you have any questions left, they have probably been asked before and the answers may well be on our Common Questions or Motorhome Jargon pages. Motorhomes might seem a bit overwhelming to start with, but once you get going, you will love the freedom and flexibility they provide:

  • Stop anywhere for a break, meal or to rest
  • Travel in the front or rear compartments
  • Have your own kitchen and bathroom
  • No towing required
  • No setup required on a campsite – just plug in the electric hookup and turn on the gas and you are ready to relax, cook a meal or have a hot shower!

Motorhomes provide a great lifestyle and are popular with people all over the world. Whether you fancy a cosy weekend in the wilds or luxurious long-term touring, there is a motorhome for you.