Dutch Motorhome Offers Something Truly Different

On a recent holiday in France, I spotted this rather unusual (and old) motorhome at the Aire de Servicewhere I had parked for the night. Imagine my surprise when I discovered recently that a Dutch company has started making modern motorhomes based on exactly the same concept – a gypsy caravan on the back of a lorry or van.

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Is This the Campervan of the Future (Or is it here already)?

This is the Verdier Westfalia Solar Power – VW-style van conversion whose manufacturers claim it is the shape of campervans to come – but I have to wonder if it isn’t just a triumph of design. I reckon we have most of these new features already – at least the useful ones, anyway.

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Pimped Volkswagen Transporter Campervan

The beauty of doing your own van conversion is that (skill and money permitting) you can create exactly the campervan you want – not something that’s been designed to appeal to as many people as possible.

That’s certainly what this bloke has done with his Volkswagen Transporter T5.

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