Livin’ La Vida Retro – VW Style

When it comes to motorhome hire – or any vehicle hire, really – most companies do their best to offer the latest, most modern vehicles.That’s certainly true with motorhome hire – all of the motorhomes available for hire through our site are fairly new and well specified.

A few UK companies have decided to buck the trend, however – and offer classic VW campervans for hire instead. In this article we take a look at what’s on offer and why you might be interested.

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Motorhome Hire – Two Beginners’ Tales

I’ve come across two newspaper articles about motorhome hire recently – both families trying it for the first time and being pleasantly surprised (and having a great time).

When mainstream newspapers start covering a subject, it’s usually a good indicator that it is becoming popular and mainstream. I certainly believe this is true with motorhome rental, which offers a much more affordable and headache-free alternative to owning your own campervan or motorhome.

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