Beware of Misfuelling – It Could Cost You Dearly

If you normally drive a petrol car, I expect that pulling up to a petrol pump and grasping the green fuel pump is second nature to you.

It certainly seems to be for the estimated 150,000 people (according to the breakdown organisations) who fill up their vehicles with the wrong type of fuel each year. This problem mostly afflicts drivers of diesel vehicles, because petrol filler nozzles are slightly smaller than diesel nozzles – meaning that it’s easy to slip a petrol nozzle into a diesel filler neck without realising.

The giveaway should be that the nozzle is a much looser fit than normal – but far better is not to let it get that far! If you’re driving a hire motorhome – or your own – that you don’t drive very often, consider adding a label above the filler cap reminding you which fuel you should be putting in.

The consequences of running a diesel engine on petrol can be dire – a full engine rebuild in the worst case, and a costly mechanic call out to pump out your fuel system in the best case. If the vehicle is hired, you will be liable for all costs – as it is a completely avoidable error.

However, help may be at hand. A new device has recently been launched which claims to make it impossible to fit a petrol nozzle into a diesel filler neck – whilst allowing free access for diesel nozzles. It’s simple enough to fit yourself in minutes and requires no maintenance ever.

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