Can You Be Too Old To Motorhome?

Can you be too old to motorhome? Just like anything age related, making assumptions or generalisations is likely to make you look like a fool.

I’ve known 30-somethings whose outlook on life and physical fitness levels have meant that a week in a campervan would be akin to army boot camp for them.

On the other hand, some 70-year olds’ ability to effortlessly adapt to motorhome life would put me to shame.

Take this story, for example. A newlywed couple from Paignton in Devon – spring chickens at 93 and 84 – are taking to the road in their motorhome for the honeymoon of a lifetime, touring the UK!

Update: James & Peggy are going strong on their motorhome tour and are currently enjoying a romantic Valentine’s stay at a hotel in Killarney, Ireland – see here for details!

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