I Didn’t Believe It Either – Nissan Micra Motorhome!

A professionally-converted Nissan Micra motorhome.Nissan Micra Campervan Motorhome / Copyright James Harland

Originally built for someone who wanted a campervan to go fishing with, this Micra was converted by Middlesex Motor Caravans into a proper miniature camper – including twin hob, sink and running water and single bed.

It’s got a proper popup roof, too and take note of the mains electric hookup connection in the front wing. What a great piece of work!

It’s for sale at £500 at the time of writing – see here for more details.

Photo copyright James Harland. You can see more of James’ Micra Motorhome pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/james-msc/sets/72157594198736850/

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