Slick Custom VW Campers & The World’s Oldest Motorhome?

Custom VW Loveliness

First up with news  (& pictures) of some superb custom VW conversion comes The Telegraph. Granted, it’s not the most likely place to find these pictures but they really are the real deal – take a look here.

In fact, it turns out that the pictures are actually taken from a new book,
VW Campers: Inspirational Interiors by David Eccles. Feast your eyes and treat the VW lover in your life to the perfect coffee table gift…

The World’s Oldest Camper?

This 1920s Studebaker touring car must surely lay claim to be one of the oldest suriving motorhomes.  Although its conversion seems a little spartan by modern standards, the all-round windows and fitted curtains are still just the ticket, as is the large, 4×4-style rear door – just the ticket for backing up to the beach:

Studebaker Campervan from 1920s

1920s Studebaker motorhome

Studebaker house car

(Found via the Weird RVs blog). Photos from Flickr courtesy of Corvair Owner.

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