World’s First Amphibious Motorhome

I just had to share this with you – a bit of Saturday night tomfoolery…

Take a look at this:

Terrawind Amphibious Motorhome

Don’t worry – it’s not sinking! This is the world’s first amphibious motorhome in action…

Terrawind specialise in making unusual amphibious vehicles and this is one of the latest examples of their work.

Inside, the decor is the usual RV-style dark wood, leather and plush carpet – but it’s the outside that makes this vehicle unique.

Here’s how it looks on the road:

Terrawind Amphibious Motorhome RV

Looks normal so far, right? How about this?

Amphibious RV motorhome rear platform

Slow down, I want to dive in and go for a swim – check out that rear platform!

Land Ahoy! We’re nearly there now, hold tight when we hit the beach:

Terrawind amphibious RV landing

I’m not sure I’d want to try crossing the channel in it, but you could certainly have some fun (although you might struggle to finding landing places in the UK).

All pictures are copyright of Terrawind.


2 thoughts on “World’s First Amphibious Motorhome

  • October 1, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    That’s a class job I could only dream of having one of those go any where vehicals keep up the good work


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