More Passion Stopovers – Belgium’s Breweries Get Involved

News reaches me from my favourite motorhome stopover guide publisher of a new passion scheme – hot on the heels of France Passion and its Spanish and Italian versions comes Ars Vivendi – or Belgium Passion. Although Belgium is not at the top of everyone’s holiday list, it does produce some fantastic beers and perhaps because of these two factors, 24 of the stopovers featured in the Ars Vivendi guide are breweries. There are also a 98 restaurants, 36 farms and 27 regional producers that also offer stopover facilities.

Other new books that might be of interest are (all available from Vicarious Books):

  • Camping Portugal 2010 – includes English, French, German and Portuguese text
  • Nordic Camper – useful for motorhome stopovers and camping facilities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • Camping Switzerland – all of the 350 campsites in Switzerland plus (even better) 66 motorhome service points – some of this is in English and there is an English key to symbols

I’m a big fan of books like these – in my experience, they are worth every penny that they save you in hassle and campsite fees – although I know that some people prefer either the ‘see what we find’ option. To see some of the other books that I’ve used and would recommend, have a look at our books page.

Update: I should have said in my original post that although you can join direct from the Ars Vivendi website, it is far easier to buy the guide through Vicarious Books (in the UK) and receive it that way. Buying the book includes one year’s membership, which runs from Easter-Easter.

3 thoughts on “More Passion Stopovers – Belgium’s Breweries Get Involved

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  • March 4, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Does the Belgian Passion scheme still exsist? All searches take me to old pages…

    • March 4, 2013 at 3:07 pm

      Hello Donna,

      Thanks for pointing this out — it looks like the Beligum Passion scheme (called Ars Vivendi) doesn’t exist anymore. I can’t find any recent mentions of it and the old website ( no longer works.

      Perhaps it didn’t work out, since Beligum doesn’t really have the appeal of France, Germany or Spain.




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