February 10, 2016

Meissen: The Town, The Porcelain & The Garage – Germany 2009

Ford Fahrzeug-Neumann in Meissen - recommended

We pick up where we left off - camped in Meissen with a faulty alternator. Since the problem had arisen on a Sunday afternoon and we were still mobile, we decided to leave sorting it out until the next day, Monday, when it would be easier to find an open garage to help. Our main purpose in … [Read more...]

Leipzig, The Stasi Museum & A Faulty Alternator – Germany 2009

Strange pyramid seen by the road en-route to Leipzig

Continuing to head east, our next stop was Leipzig - specifically the Stasi Museum, which is situated in the former headquarters of the notorious East German secret police force. By luck or good judgement, we navigated our way to the centre of the city, within an easy walk of both the museum … [Read more...]