February 7, 2016

Cologne, Rotterdam & Home – Germany 2009

Our overcast arrival in Cologne, with the cathedral dominating the skyline

Our final stop after leaving the "Romantic Rhine" region (as the guidebooks call it) was Cologne. This large city, itself situated on the Rhine, was both worth a visit and ideally located for our final day's drive up to Rotterdam and the P&O Ferries terminal (which is at Europoort, just outside … [Read more...]

Along the Rhine – Germany 2009

The Rhine (Rhein) is a seriously big river that carries a lot of freight - spot the barges, on the far side

Along with the Black Forest, the Rhineland is one of the most popular areas of Germany with British visitors. To see what the fuss was about, we spent a couple of days following the Rhine and camping alongside it at night. On leaving Baden-Baden, our first overnight stop was at Bacharach. … [Read more...]

Baden-Baden & German Unity Day – Germany 2009

Motorhomes were double-parked in some places at the Baden-Baden stellplatz we used - it was very well located for the town and free

Our next stop was the famous spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany's equivalent of Bath, in the UK. Famed for its spa baths, architecture, cultured air and famous casino, it's popular with visitors and was one of the more noticeably expensive places we visited on the trip. That said, there is a … [Read more...]

Lake Constance & Lindau Island – Germany 2009

Lake Constance - it really is large...

Our next major port of call was Lake Constance, Lake Konstanz or Bodensee, depending on how anglicized you want to be. The lake is large and very scenic. It's probably best viewed from the German side as this provides a stunning backdrop of Swiss Alps, albeit as much as 14km away - the width of the … [Read more...]

Titisee, Black Forest & Eisenbach – Germany 2009

It's probably heaving with people in peak season...

On leaving Singen, we headed towards the Black Forest region. Our first port of call was Titisee-Neustadt, which is named after the glacial lake Titisee, alongside which the town sits. Titisee is another heavily-touristed place but it's attractive enough and, in early October, still open yet fairly … [Read more...]

Back in Germany – Castle Neuschwanstein – Germany 2009

Schloss Neuschwanstein - truly Disneyesque!

After our night in Austria, we headed back to Germany, making use of the Austrian motorways to save time (remember you need a vignette for Austrian motorways, or a GO Box if over 3.5 tonnes). We were heading for two of Germany's most famous (and touristy) castles, Schloss Neuschwanstein and Schloss … [Read more...]

Berchtesgadener Land – Germany 2009

This picture doesn't do justice to the beauty and tranquility of the Konigsee

Nestled in the very south-eastern corner of Germany is Berchtesgadener Land. It's an exceptionally beautiful region that's surrounded by mountains and home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Germany. The area is also inextricably linked to Germany's Nazi era - after taking power in 1933, … [Read more...]

Rotterdam to Goslar – Germany 2009

Sundeck on the Hull ferry - nice in Summer

Our most recent motorhome trip encompassed large parts of Germany and a little bit of Austria - plus the 'commuting' mileage we had to do through the Netherlands to get to and from Rotterdam, our ferry port of choice (we used P&O's Hull-Rotterdam route as we were coming from the north of … [Read more...]

Driving to Germany? You’ll Have To Pay Extra In Cities

If you're planning to drive in any of a growing number of German cities and large towns, you will now have to purchase an "environmental badge" for your motorhome or car. This is thanks to the growing popularity of Low Emission Zones - LEZs - rather like our own LEZ in London. Known as "Umwelt … [Read more...]