October 4, 2015

Don’t miss the Adventure Overland & Travel Show 2015


Adventure Overland & Travel Show, Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, Warwickshire CV37 9SE 26-27 Sept 2015 If you're interested in overland travel or simply want a chance to see some amazing and unique motorhomes, then you'll not want to miss this year's Adventure Overland Show. Day … [Read more...]

Fiat showcases Ducato 4×4 Expedition concept camper

Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition camper

Fiat has released pictures of an 4-wheel drive Fiat Ducato Expedition camper vehicle. It's only a concept for now but provides a tantalising glimpse of what the firm could do if it chose to compete with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 and Transit AWD in the 4x4 van stakes. The Ducato 4x4 … [Read more...]

Visiting Italy? Aree Di Sosta Review (Italian aires)

Camperlife Aree di Sosta guide 2015/16

If you're visiting Italy in a motorhome and are a fan of the aire/motorhome stopover, then you will probably want to pop a copy of the 2015/16 Aree Di Sosta guide in your glove box. Published by Italian magazine CamperLife and available in the UK from Vicarious Books, this guide is Italy's answer … [Read more...]

Motorhome and caravan history: how it all began?

The Wanderer caravan 1885

The popularity of caravans and motorhomes exploded in the 1960s, as car and van ownership became more affordable and widespread and people developed an appetite for mobile camping. The caravan, of course, was not a new invention. Gypsies and other travelling people had been using them sinc the … [Read more...]

Review: Scotland Campsites and Caravan Parks Map (3rd Edition)

Scotland Campsites and Caravan Parks Map

Scotland is without a doubt our favourite part of the UK to explore by campervan -- but finding conveniently located campsites can be a little more difficult than usual, due to the rural terrain and the isolated locations of many campsites. What's needed is a map, with all the locations shown … [Read more...]

Otter watching in Shetland 2014 (video)

Shetland otters

Otters are reputed to be 'everywhere' in Shetland. There's even famously an 'otter crossing' road sign at Mavis Grind, where the North Sea is only separated from the Atlantic by the width of the road. Yet our experience is that otters are elusive creatures. Without paying to go on one of the … [Read more...]

Brit Stops 2015 Review: better than ever + Irish stops

Brit Stops 2015

I've always been a fan of Brit Stops, a scheme that's unique in the UK, and gives you the chance to stay overnight at hundreds of pubs, farms and other mostly rural venues, free of charge (except for the modest £27.50 cost of a year's membership). The hope is that you'll sample some of the … [Read more...]

Review: All The Aires France 5th Edition

All the Aires France 5th Edition

We've used Vicarious Books' All The Aires ... guides for years, including the company's original -- and probably most popular -- All The Aires France guide, the only comprehensive, English-language guide to France's network of official motorhome stopovers. The last time I looked at All The Aire … [Read more...]

Book review: Camperstop Europe 2015


There are lots of country-specific motorhome stopover guides, but if you're planning a long tour -- or to regularly visit different countries -- your book collection can get a little large. The exception to this rule is Camperstop Europe -- an English language guide published by Dutch firm Facile … [Read more...]

Book review – Road Trip Europe: The Great War and More

Road Trip Europe The Great War and More

Road Trip Europe: The Great War and More is the first of a new series from motorhome stopover specialists Vicarious Books (publishers of the All The Aires... guides). Timed to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, this guide provides all the information you'll need … [Read more...]